donderdag 1 november 2012


If you love to vote, and you like Store Without a Home a lot, you can express your feelings by voting on your favorite store here:                                                              

It is also possible to vote on your favorite street.
Store Without a Home is located at Haarlemmerdijk (Jordaan area), a very nice shopping street with various places to have your breakfast, lunch or diner.

The shops you will find at Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerstraat are very diverse; old traditional shops are mixed with quirky boutiques and galleries.
It is an unique and exciting blend of fashion boutiques, bike makers, chocolatiers, traditional press shops, beauty salons, vintage boutiques, antiquarians, interior shops, jewelers, stationary shops, grocers, barbers and more.

At the end of Haarlemmerdijk you will find the Haarlemmerplein (square) with a little theater and the old arch where the Westerpark starts.
Here, every Wednesday you can enjoy the farmers market.

There are also some hotels, B and B's, bars, restaurants and even a beautiful old cinema called "the Movies".
So, like daytime, the nightlife is also vibrant and vivid!

It is this rare combination why Store Without a Home chose to finally locate at Haarlemmerdijk 26.

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